Cisco Router Basic configurations - Console, VTY, SSH, IPv6, Inter-VLAN, OSPFv6

Today I am going to talk about the basic configurations on Cisco routers where i can define the basic commands like setting console password, assign VTY password, configuring IP addresses on the interfaces, Configuring the router for SSH access.

Configuring basic IPv6 configurations on the router, configuring trunk based inter-VLAN routing, configuring IPv6 configurations manually and at last configuring OSPFv6 with the use of IPv6.

This is a basic article for the starters who are going to configure the router from the scratch. Most of the basic configurations are for demo purposes and you can use your IP addresses as per requirements in your network. Lets start with the basic configurations on the router now.

Fig 1.1- basic Layer 3 LAN network Architecture

As in traditional environment, Above is the basic network topology where we have 3 layer architecture with the  firewalls and the routers. We are going to configure WAN routers with the basic configurations

   Configure the Basic router- Host-name, security password/Secret

Now let's configure the console password on the Cisco routers, below is the basic example showing the configurations of console on router.

   Setting up Console Password

So at this point of time, we rename router and set console password on the cisco router, now let go with the VTY password on the Cisco router.

    Assign VTY Password to the router

As of now, we set console password, configure VTY password and let's going forward we will need to configure the IP addresses on the interfaces which is defined as Connection to Cisco ASA 1 and Connection to Cisco ASA 2. Here ASA is Cisco stateful Firewalls.

   Configuring IP addresses on the interface

Although we configure IP address on the interfaces, we need to configure the SSH access for the router

   Configure the router for SSH Access

This is just an optional configuration, if you required IPv6 configuration on to your Cisco devices as an example. Although you can configure IPv4 as well.

   Configuring IPv6 on Cisco Router

   Configuring Trunk-Based inter-VLAN routing on to the Cisco router.

Configuring OSPFv6 on Cisco routers as an example which has OSPF configurations with IPv6 there.

   Configuring OSPFv6 on Cisco routers