Troubleshooting guide for Cisco SDWAN control connections

Today I am going to talk about the basic troubleshooting guide for Cisco Viptela SDWAN. As you guys already knew now how Cisco SDWAN works and the components used in the SDWAN solution. 

It is important to understand the basic troubleshooting guidelines and make you aware with it for troubleshooting.

Fig 1.1- Cisco Viptela SDWAN

As we know that we have multiple WAN links connected to vEdge device and to check this you need to check control connections by using command “show control connections”

The purpose of the command “show control connections” is to display information about active control plane connections which can be with vBond, vSmart and vManage.

vEdge# show control connections

There might be possible that you face issue on control connections and the possible reason for that issue are:

Connectivity issues: DTLS Connection failure, TLOC disable and Transient conditions
Certificate issues: Device not added, certificate revoked, Certification verification failure

DTLS Connection Failure:
Possible causes: NH not reachable, Def-GW not installed in RIB, DTLS port not open in the Controllers
Debugging steps: PING Def-GW, Ping vBond if ICMP is allowed on the vBond, Traceroute to vBond DNS Address

TLOC Disabled:
Possible causes: Clearing of Control Connections, Changing the color on TLOC, Change in System IP, Change in any of the configs mentioned in the system block or in the tunnel properties.

Transient Conditions
Following are some Transient conditions where the control connections flap
System-IP change on the vEdge
Tear-down msg. to vBond [control connection to vBond is transient]

The certificate will be revoked in case of controllers or vEdge serial number is invalidated