Free Free - Cisco Meraki Free Access Point by attending Webinar !

Did you heard about the Free Cisco Meraki Cloud Managed Access Point by attending Cisco Meraki Webinar.Yes Cisco Meraki is giving away Cisco Meraki Free Access Point to the people who attending Cisco Meraki webinar. 

As per the industry demand on the cloud managed Wireless solution, Cisco Meraki is one of the top most brand and is one of the successful vendor in the industry.

Do you know about Cisco Meraki?
Cisco Meraki is one of the lead vendor for Cloud managed Wireless solution provider. They also provide cloud based switching, SD-WAN, security and Camera solutions in the industry.

Fig 1.1- Cisco Meraki MR-33
Industries with limited IT resources, yet with an enterprise’s needs - scalability, security, and reliability - often fight to provide a strong wireless experience. In the live webinar of Cisco Meraki, they will show how cloud computing brings simplicity and effectiveness to wireless networks.

With this webinar, you will came to know what the next generation wireless solution, how robust is, secure and emerging technology it is. 

The Free Access point is valid for the countries as shown below

Register with a shipping address in the US (including Puerto Rico), the EEA (including the UK), Australia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, CostaRica, Croatia, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Switzerland, or Thailand. 

At this time, Cisco Meraki cannot ship free AP outside of these regions and cannot ship to post office boxes. Make sure you will register with your Official email id and you are IT/Network engineer.

For America region, the Live Webinar is scheduled for Feb 25, 2020 at 9:00 AM PST time. You can register live webinar on the below link as:

So don't wait and register yourself for the webinar which is going to start on Feb 25, 2020.