Cisco introduces Cisco Secure X

Cisco introduces Secure X which is actually a built in experience in all Cisco security products that connects with the entire security infrastructure. The platform can examine data through endpoints, cloud, network, and applications, permitting clients to detect threats and respond to threats more efficiently.

Cisco says, our platform, Cisco SecureX, connects the breadth of Cisco’s integrated security portfolio and your entire security infrastructure for a consistent experience that unifies visibility, enables automation, and strengthens your security across your network, endpoints, cloud, and applications.

SecureX rapidly reveals new potential within security teams, irrespective of their size or maturity.

Fig 1.1- Cisco Secure X
This makes it possible to do more with less. It delivers a unified view of your entire security infrastructure and reduces complexity by integrating security products together with out-of-the-box interoperability.

With a consistent ribbon across the entire interface, your teams can leverage shared context that follows them wherever they go in their environment, enabling new levels of collaboration. A single sign on account with authentication makes it easy and secure for users to log in while reducing backend complexity for IT.

All of this is brought together with automated workflows that increase precision and make your teams more efficient so they can focus on what matters most – threat hunting and remediation. SecureX empowers your teams with measurable, meaningful metrics and analytics to make more informed decisions and accelerate threat response times: 95% of customers report that the platform helps them quickly take action and remediate threats

Before Secure X
  • Your teams regularly switch between consoles resulting in limited understanding and delays.
  • Your workflows are manual and convoluted, further slowing you down and causing human error.
  • Your teams currently operate and increasing their exposure.
  • There exists a lack of integration between tools, limiting their value.

After Secure X

  • Accelerate threat response with actionable insights.
  • Increase the efficiency and precision of your existing resources via automation to advance your security maturity.
  • Share context between teams to streamline workflows.
  • Multiply your capabilities by connecting your security infrastructure.