3 Ways Ants Can Ruin Your Network

You’ve seen ants and you know they can get in anywhere, because of their size. Ants don’t usually cause a lot of problems unless you landed yourself in an ant infestation. If you did, then you need to prepare because they can damage your things. The best way to know where ants are is to follow their trail, and they’ll lead you to its nest. Here are some ways an ant infestation can ruin your network.

Unstable Network Connection

Everyone isn’t happy about having an unstable network connection, and who would be especially if you’re paying a lot? There are several reasons why your network connection is unstable, and the last thing you’d want it to is because of an ant infestation. Ants can gnaw through anything, especially if there are a lot of them gnawing on the same kind. Ants are highly persistent, so they’ll get the job done.

If your cables are located on the floor or in reachable areas, there’s a possibility that ants may get to it and gnaw it. when this happens, you’ll have to replace your cables. You can prevent this from happening by:

        Cleaning regularly unreachable areas where the cables are located;
        Using protective cable wires. Make sure to buy cables which have a thick rubber coat.
        Using ant repellant. Make sure to read the buyer's guide to know how to effectively eliminate ants.

Electric Short Circuit

Ants don’t eat your wirings, they just damage them beyond repair. Ants don’t necessarily intend to ruin your wirings, they just want to use it as a bridge. Ants would use wires to form their bridges, transporting them from one place to another with ease. Once they’ve transformed your wires as their bridges, there’s a high chance it will short circuit.

You don’t want to risk your electric wires short-circuiting, and you can prevent them by:
        Avoid hanging wires and make sure to secure your wires on the wall instead of letting them hang. 
        Keep it an unreachable distance. If not, keep your wires away from food sources.

Router or Server Damage

Besides gnawing your network cable, ants can also get inside your routers. The holes on routers are so tiny, that ants can go inside and even build a nest there. When this happens, your router is left severely damaged or becomes useless. They can affect the internal wirings of your router/servers, and you’d have to purchase a new one.

Luckily, keeping ants away from your routers and servers is simple:
        Put your routers and servers in an enclosed space. 
        Make sure to keep the area where servers are located clean, so it doesn’t attract ants.
        Apply ant repellant to prevent ants from reaching the area

Getting Rid of Ants

Ants are usually easy to get rid of, not unless there’s already an ant colony in your home. You can even terminate and prevent them from coming back, but it’s always best to have a professional look at the entire situation. In the meantime, here’s what you can do if you suspect an ant infestation in your place:

        Follow the ant trail to check where they’ve been hiding. You can also follow the trail to check where they’re getting their food from.
        Clean out the area where they frequent, especially in areas where you eat. 
        Seal all the cracks and holes around your home, to prevent them from getting into your house. 
        Make sure to free the outside of your house from any garbage.

A new ant hybrid has emerged today, and it appears that it’s immune to insecticides. When this happens, what are you left to work with? It appears that the new ant hybrid doesn’t necessarily enjoy ‘eating’ wires, but it just uses it to start building its nest. Unfortunately, when these ants get electrocuted, their bodies release pheromones that attract their fellow ants to the area.

When this happens, you’ll find a pile of dead ants on your electric switches. When this happens, your electric switches won’t be able to switch off properly. The insulation can get a friend and lead to a short circuit.

Keep ants away from your electric wires, most especially from your routers and servers. A network connection is expensive today, including replacing your network equipment. You can prevent ants from getting in your routers and servers, and prevent them from nesting along your wires.