Cisco Viptela vEdge Upgrade via USB

Today we are going to discuss about the upgrade of the vEdge via USB. It is important to understand the process via USB drive 

Fig 1.1- Cisco Viptela vEdges Models

Step 1: On the Vedge type the following commands

NDNA_vEdge# config t

Please reboot the vEdge

Step 2: Now to verify the controller is enabled, please run the below command

NDNA_vEdge# show running-config system usb-controller

Once the controller is enabled you should be able to see the usb drive when it is plugged in. Once the device comes after reboot, please type the following command

file list /media

This tells you which directory the iOS is in (in my case it was sda1) it can be sdb1 or sdc1 etc. 

Step 3: Type the following command

NDNA_vEdge# request software install-image /media/sda1/viptela-
NDNA_vEdge# request software activate

Step 4: Yes to confirm and reboot

You are done with the upgrade of the vEdge with the USB drive.